Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brandon's Birthday - back in August!

For Brandon's birthday we went to The Mayan (as our kids haven't been there yet) and had a great time! Thanks to Aric and family for making it so fun!

I couldn't believe we had to wait about a half hour! It was a Tuesday night! So the kids climbed around outside on the snakes!

I love how happy Brandon is here! How fun to put the spotlight on him - cause he really doesn't like attention!

The kids looked over/through the rope fence to see the diver's show! They loved it!

Happy Birthday to our #1 Dad/Husband!

And then the kids fell asleep on the way home... I LOVE this picture!


It's been too long again! Time to catch up!

August was super fun! Aunt June came to town! Kylee loves Aunt June! It was so fun to have her spend a few nights with us!

She taught us a wonderful treat! Bugles and Easy Cheese! mmmmhmmm.....

Jamon watches how it's done

Then enjoys the tasty treat!

Kylee likes them too! We still eat these and remember our favorite Aunt June!

At the end of July we welcomed a new family member to the Mills' family! We love you Brooklyn!

I got to feed and burp her at the hospital - so new and so fun!

Kylee loves her too! I love her pucker in this picture!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Reunion

My family all got together for the 4th of July and for about 3 days after. Here are some of the highlights:

We did family pictures since we added 3 babies since the last one! We did each of us families separate then all together! I don't have those pics loaded yet though! Just our snap shots:

Our little family

When we were waiting for our family's turn, Dad and Kylee had some cute moments

Just passing time and snapping pictures! I love this one!

When we got back to my mom's we did a pinata

and the kids getting the loot!

That night my oldest brother brought his guitar and played some awesome stuff! We don't get to hear him play so this was so fun! He even strummed Book of Mormon Stories!

The next day we went to Gateway and had a picnic and played in the fountain a bit!

I love this picture of Kylee - so cute in her swim suit and Dora hat! (She loves Dora!)

Then we went to the Planetarium and walked around. Here is Kylee on Mars!

The next day we played on water things in grandma's backyard. Uncle Darren gets Kylee with a water gun!

The hot tub was cooled down but was WAY warmer than the water from the hose! Jamon and his cousins had fun in there!

Jamon at the bottom of the fun water slide! I am so proud of him this year! He is getting better with water!

We had a lot of fun with everyone and miss those that had to go home (far away)!

4th of July Parade

We went to the Kaysville parade for the 4th of July - as usual - and had a blast - as usual! Some fun pictures:

Mom and Kylee wait for the parade to start!

Jamon is watching the parade

and Kylee watches the parade (nice view of everyone's legs, huh? We got tired of holding them up so I snapped these pics while resting my arms!)

Jamon and Kylee were done with the waterfight sooner than the adults, so they come back to the safe (no water) zone with Grandma Sheryl!

My family - brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews and all - LOVE the water fight at the end of the parade! It really brings out the kid in everyone!

This truck is brutal! It sprays everyone who dares get close! LOVE IT!

Our little family after the parade and water fight

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kylee Playing Mommy

Kylee loves playing with her dolls these days! It's so cute to see her be gentle and then not-so-gentle! She loves putting the baby to bed, cover her with a blanket, feed the baby a bottle, then she walks around holding the bed! It's fun to see little moms in training!

Kids Just Being Cute

We had a fun time at Kristy's house playing in her kiddie pool. Jamon and Caden squirted each other and just had fun in the sun!

I thought this was so dang cute! Kylee put on her cousin's cowboy boots! Ahhh, kids are way too fun! I also love how this picture really brings out her chubby cheeks! I love 'em!

Brother and sister playing together. Jumping on the couch then taking a break long enough to "say cheese"!

Jamon and Kylee found the Halloween costumes when I was cleaning the storage room. So we had Halloween in July! Makes me excited for Halloween this year!
Jamon as sticth...

and Kylee as giraffe...

Neighborhood Summer Party

Our neighborhood put on a fun night at the park with delicious dinner and fun games for the kids - I wish I would have taken more pics but oh well!

Daddy kisses Kylee - this is one of my favorite pictures! She had so much fun just running around! The world is her playground since she started walking at 16 months old!

Jamon got a balloon painted on his face! He loves getting that done! Any excuse to get paint (colored) on him!

He went fishing and got a toy car and a candy and then decorated his cupcake with pink frosting and candies! Every kids dream!

We are so glad we have great neighbors and feel so lucky to be in a great ward!